Financing marine protected areas

Marine protected areas guard against environmental degradation and climate change.

But in the Coral Triangle there are too few of them, and many have no finance and function ineffectively.

This has to change.
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What is the issue?

Species in the Coral Triangle such as turtles and dugong will not survive unless they can access refuges—areas where human activities are carefully managed so that they do not damage wildlife and habitat.

Marine protected areas can include several zones— “no-take”, sustainable use, research—which provide opportunities for both conservation and sustainable exploitation.

Many MPAs are not delivering

But there are still too few marine protected areas in the region. And even where they exist, often they are not effectively managed. This severely limits the ability of MPAs to replenish fish populations.

What we need is well-designed and well-managed networks of marine protected areas and locally managed marine areas. This is the key to preventing further biodiversity loss and fisheries collapse.
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What WWF is doing

We work with governments, local communities, and other stakeholders as well as environmental NGOs to support the identification, establishment and sustainable financing of a network of MPAs across the Coral Triangle. We are doing this by:
  • Identifying and setting up finance mechanisms such as public and private parternships and payments for ecosystem services
  • Helping to develop cost models that accurately estimate the operational costs of MPA networks
  • Establishing coordinated MPA sites into networks to enable cost-saving and management benefits
  • Researching the contribution of marine habitats in terms of goods and services, and how MPA networks can support this contribution into the future

How you can help

    • Whether you are in the travel or fisheries sector, or a donor with interest in MPAs, contact us to find out how you can be part of building a network of MPAs in the Coral Triangle

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