Richard Leck: Climate change & Tourism strategy leader

 / ©: Richard Leck
Richard Leck, WWF Coral Triangle programme Climate change & Tourism strategy leader
© Richard Leck
Environmental advocacy, economics, management, campaigning... Richard's diverse background is a perfect fit for his role as climate change and tourism strategy leader.
Richard Leck has an academic background in economics and environment studies and completed a Masters degree in environmental management in 2002. 

In the 1990s Richard spent many years working in marine tourism in a number of countries and regularly became involved in locally-based conservation efforts.

In 2003, Richard joined WWF Australia’s Great Barrier Reef campaign team with responsibility for communications and advocacy support. The Great Barrier Reef campaign successfully pushed for substantial increase in protection for the reef, including a dramatic increase in highly protected areas within the marine park, and improvements in fisheries management among other.

More recently, Richard was WWF Australia’s Policy Manager for Tropical Marine and Coasts, and successfully launched a major new campaign to protect Australia’s Coral Sea.

In November 2007, Richard joined the Coral Triangle programme to lead the development of the climate change strategy.

In his spare time, Richard will most likely be found somewhere in the ocean either diving, surfing or sailing.

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