Jose Ingles - Coordinator, Fishery Improvement Projects, Policy

 / ©: Jose Ingles
Jose Ingles
© Jose Ingles
Known to his colleagues as “Jingles”, Jose has academic degrees in zoology, marine biology and fisheries.
His career and passion for the oceans spans 3 decades - a fisheries researcher for 10 years, he then spent 12 years with the Fisheries Faculty at the University of the Philippines where he mentored graduate students while undertaking research.

In 2002, he changed career and joined WWF to lead the Sulu Sulawesi Marine Ecoregion (SSME) fisheries project and later became its coordinator.

Jose was born and raised in a coastal town, where he witnessed the boom and bust of fisheries unfold before him. Aside from diving, he loves trekking.

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