Geoffrey Muldoon: Live Reef Fish Trade Strategy Leader

 / ©: Geoffrey Muldoon
Geoffrey Muldoon, Coral Triangle programme LRFT strategy leader
© Geoffrey Muldoon
Geoffrey Muldoon has worked in the fisheries sector in Southeast Asia since 2002, while completing his PhD in Fisheries Economics.
His background is varied, having worked with the NGO sector on market-based initiatives that promote sustainability in fisheries and with government agencies on market, trade and economic analyses on coral reef fisheries.

Geoffrey began working with WWF in 2006, examining the live reef fish trade (LRFT) in the Sulu-Sulawesi Marine Ecoregion before being appointed strategy leader for the LRFT sub-initiative of the Coral Triangle programme.

In this capacity, Geoffrey coordinates the various LRFT activities across the Coral Triangle (industry roundtables, full-cycle mariculture, consumer education, partnership development between government and private sector and understanding and redressing ecosystem impacts).
While recognizing the importance of seafood trade to millions of people in the region, for Geoffrey the biggest challenge is assisting stakeholders to recognize the problem and facilitating multi-stakeholder, multi-lateral solutions.

What is exciting is that we are using the WWF network to promote regional solutions for conservation of the Coral Triangle. By working at broad scale both geographically and with stakeholders, we aim to support the on-ground work that is being carried out by WWF and partner organizations.

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