WWF Coral Triangle Programme staff

Core team

Core team members are responsible for implementing the Coral Triangle Transboundary and Transformational Strategies. They collaborate as a team to progress the programme overall.

Jackie Thomas

 / ©: Jackie Thomas
Jackie Thomas, WWF Coral Triangle programme Pacific Policy Officer.
© Jackie Thomas
Programme Leader

Geoffrey Muldoon

 / ©: Geoffrey Muldoon
Geoffrey Muldoon, Coral Triangle programme LRFT strategy leader
© Geoffrey Muldoon
Strategy Leader

Jose Ingles

 / ©: Jose Ingles
Jose Ingles
© Jose Ingles
Coordinator, Fishery Improvement Projects, Policy

Keith Symington

Keith Symington / ©: WWF
Keith Symington
Programme Coordinator, Fisheries Standards & Certification; and Coordinator, Vietnam Yellowfin Tuna FIP

Paolo Mangahas

Paolo Mangahas / ©: Paolo Mangahas
Paolo Mangahas
© Paolo Mangahas
General Manager for Communications

Lida Pet Soede

 / ©: Lida Pet Soede
Lida Pet Soede, WWF Coral Triangle Programme
© Lida Pet Soede
Coral Triangle Programme Strategic Adviser and Strategic Development Leader, WWF Indonesia Marine Programme

Governance Team

The Governance Team consists of senior executives drawn from a cross-section of disciplines (conservation, operations, communications, and marketing) from the principal WWF offices that provide financial support to and/or implementing programmatic and policy activities within the Coral Triangle Programme. The Governance Team ensure that the programme delivers on its overall strategic objectives by facilitating fundraising progress led by the programme leader.

The Governance Team is composed of:
  • CEOs of the 4 National and Programme Offices (WWF Philippines, WWF Indonesia, WWF Malaysia, WWF Pacific)
  • Representative of WWF International/Global Marine Programme
  • Representative of Host Office (WWF Indonesia Programme Development & Quality Assurance)
  • Chair of the WWF Coral Triangle Programme Advisory Group
  • Coral Triangle Programme Leader

The Management Team is composed of:
  • Coral Triangle Programme Leader
  • Senior Management level Conservation / Marine and/or Policy representatives from each of the National and Programme Offices
  • Technical staff from the National and Programme Offices

Other collaborators

Collaborators are WWF colleagues from around the WWF network who support parts of the Coral Triangle programme of work.
  • Katherine Short
    Manager, Newtork Initiative Support | WWF International
  • Kate Newman 
    US Policy and GAA | WWF US
  • Carel Drijver
    WWF Netherlands | General Program Strategy
  • Jacques Ferreira
    GAA | WWF-Asian Development Bank team
  • Kim Dixon 
    Operations | WWF Australia

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