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Sea stars (Asteroidea) in sea grass meadow. Indo-Pacific Ocean rel=
Sea stars (Asteroidea) in sea grass meadow. Indo-Pacific Ocean
© Jürgen FREUND / WWF

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Feature stories on the Coral Triangle from a selection of publications.

Tipping the Scales

by Johnny Langenheim

Marine nomads, the Bajau Laut, have lived on the waters of Southeast Asia's Coral Triangle for centuries but their way of life is being destroyed.
Published in the Post Magazine, Summer 2010.

Odyssey of Life

by Alya B. Honasan

It was pitch black on a moonless  night on the remote stretch of beach that is Jamursbamedi, on the Bird’s Head Peninsula of Papua. As her husband, photographer Jürgen Freund, snapped away, Stella Freund held in her hand a frisky, wriggling baby leatherback turtle that looked like it couldn’t wait to get into the water. 

Published in the Jakarta Post Weekender, December 2009

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Reefs of Life

by Alya B. Honasan

It was, in every sense of the word, a massacre. and I was a willing participant. We sought out our victims, dragged them from their hiding place, and mercilessly stabbed them, often until their guts poured out. Then we collected their limp bodies and buried them in the sand.
Published November 2009 in Mabuhay, the Philippine Airlines magazine

An Underwater National Treasure

by Alya B. Honasan

Putting fish on the plates of Filipinos, and even of people in neighboring countries, ALYA HONASAN discovers how the Tubbataha Reef Natural Marine Park is much more than a divers' haven.
Published November 2009 in Mango

Turtle Love

by Alya B. Honasan

What started as a perfectly relaxed and wholesome dive at Sipadan's White Tip Alley quickly took a romantic turn towards amor. I was diving with WWF photographers Jurgen and Stella Freund; together we were swimming at a depth of five metres, paying token attention to the various turtles that swam our way.
Published in Scuba Diver Australasia, issue 7/2009 (vol. 5 No6)

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