Coral Triangle Youth and Journalist Writing Competition help create buzz on Blue Economy

Posted on 22 March 2013    
Youth Essay Writing Competition. Click magnifier icon for details.
Bali, Indonesia – As a lead up to the 3rd Coral Triangle Regional Business Forum (24-26 March 2013), the organizers conducted a region-wide writing competition aimed at university students and practicing journalists in the Coral Triangle.

The organizers received more than 20 essays for the youth division and 16 published articles for the journalist division, each one providing innovative ideas and solutions on how to implement a Blue Economy for the Coral Triangle region.

“We are extremely pleased with the high turnout of this writing competition and the eagerness of students and journalists to share their views on what a Blue Economy is and what it means for a globally-significant marine region such as the Coral Triangle,” says Dr. Lida Pet-Soede, WWF Coral Triangle Program Leader.

Carrying the theme A Marriage of Profit and Sustainability, the Coral Triangle Regional Business Forum’s discussions this year centered on how to build a thriving Blue Economy in the region by applying new economic business models that are both economically profitable and environmentally sustainable.

The winner for the youth division is Ms. Liane Stella Candelario from the University of the Philippines for her essay Care for the Coasts An essay on Blue Economy for the Coral Triangle Region.

Ms. Khalidah Nizma Fritz from Media Indonesia Newspaper won grand prize for the journalist division for her article Semangat Ekonomi Biru Para Pemikir Muda (The Blue Economy Spirit of Youth Think Tank), while Mr. Aries Munandar, also from Media Indonesia Newspaper, won both the first runner-up and second runner-up awards for his articles Ancaman Eksploitasi Di Hutan Payau (The Threat in Mangroves) and Fokus Nusantara: Ketika Solar Datang Dua Minggu Sekali (Achipelago Focus: When Solar Came Just Once in Two Weeks).

“Written pieces such as these will surely help create much needed debate on Blue Economy and we are happy to have started such discussions on this relatively new but very important concept,” added Dr. Pet-Soede.

Prof. Dr. Gunter Pauli, author of Blue Economy: 10 Years 100 Innovations 100 Million Jobs, first introduced the Blue Economy concept in 2004, which encourages people to manage resources efficiently through innovations and technologies that create zero waste products.

Prof. Pauli was also a keynote speaker at the forum.

The writing competitions started in December 2012 and were open up to mid-March 2013. They were promoted through posters, electronic flyers, social media, and direct mailers to media, journalists, journalist associations, and universities around the region.

Panel of judges for the youth division was composed of: Prof. Dr. Gunter Pauli; Rili Djohani, Executive Director of the Coral Triangle Center; Dr. Hendra Yusran Siry, Secretary for Coordination and External Affairs of the Interim-Regional Secretariat the Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food Security (CTI-CFF); and Paolo Mangahas, Communications Manager of the WWF Coral Triangle Program.

While Dr. Victor Nikijuluw, Executive Secretary of the National Coordinating Committee of the Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food Security (CTI-CFF), Dr. Lida Pet Soede, Leader of the WWF Coral Triangle Program, and Dewi Satriani, Marine Communications Manager of WWF-Indonesia made up the panel of judges for the journalist division.

Winning entry for the youth division can be found here. 

The 3rd Coral Triangle Regional Business Forum was held on 25 March 2013 at the Grand Hyatt, Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia.

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Youth Essay Writing Competition. Click magnifier icon for details.
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