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WWF Coral Triangle Staff

Core team

Core team members are responsible for implementing the Coral Triangle Transboundary and Transformational Strategies. They collaborate as a team to progress the programme overall.
  1. Jackie Thomas

    Programme Leader

    Jackie Thomas brings years of conservation experience in the Pacific region to the Coral Triangle programme.

    In 2003, she joined the Australian Volunteers International Programme and was posted as Conservation Manager for WWF in the Solomon Islands until June 2005.

    Following that, she was interim Country Programme Manager of WWF Solomon Islands from March 2007 until the end of 2008, when she joined the Coral Triangle Programme in November as the Pacific Policy Officer based in WWF’s Pacific office in Fiji.


We must continue to work together - communities, governments, civil society and the private sector to look after this amazing marine biodiversity hotspot so that it continues to nurture us and our future generations.

Jackie Thomas

  1. Geoffrey Muldoon

    Senior Manager, Business and Industry

    Geoffrey has accumulated more than a decade of experience working in fisheries and aquaculture sectors across the Asia-Pacific and joined WWF in 2008 as Strategy lead for the CTP Live Reef Food Fish Trade initiative.

    He now leads the seafood markets and private-sector engagement work of the CTP, addressing food security, livelihoods and responsible seafood production at a regional scale.

    Currently his main responsibility is overseeing the development of an Asia-Pacific regional seafood platform designed to provide leadership and promote a responsible seafood agenda across the spectrum of seafood enterprises.


In fisheries today, change is essential and improvement is the only rational form of change.

Geoffrey Muldoon

  1. Jose Ingles

    Coordinator, Fishery Improvement Projects, Policy

    Known to his colleagues as “Jingles”, Jose has academic degrees in zoology, marine biology and fisheries science.

    His career and passion for the oceans spans over three decades -- a fisheries researcher for 10 years, followed by another 12 years with the Fisheries Faculty at the University of the Philippines where he mentored graduate students while undertaking research.

    He joined WWF In 2002. Jingles is working to advocate and push governments on policy reforms, engage the seafood business and industry to invest in moving fisheries towards sustainability by promoting Fisheries improvement Projects (FIPs), and developing innovative approaches to solve key issues in fisheries.


...witnessed the boom and bust of fisheries unfold before him.

Jose Ingles

  1. Keith Symington

    Programme Coordinator, Fisheries Standards & Certification; and Coordinator, Vietnam Yellowfin Tuna FIP

    Keith Symington joined the WWF Coral Triangle Programme as Bycatch Strategy Leader and helped deliver both fisheries reform and species conservation outcomes. He has since moved to becoming the Programme Coordinator for Fisheries Improvement Projects, particularly looking into the handline and longline harvest of Yellowfin tuna in Vietnam, working closely with WWF Vietnam.

    Keith comes from WWF’s Greater Mekong Programme, where he led the development of the marine and fisheries programme in Vietnam from 2004. He helped develop Vietnam's first ever bycatch observer program, developing direct industry and government partnerships on circle hook trials and tuna policy work.


  1. Paolo Mangahas

    Senior Manager for Marketing & Communications

    Paolo is from Manila, Philippines and is currently based in Singapore as Senior Manager for Marketing and Communications of WWF in the Coral Triangle.

    Paolo has assumed various roles within the WWF network. He was Head of Communications for WWF’s national office in Malaysia before taking on a regional role in the Coral Triangle where he now leads overall marketing and communications management, working with WWF offices in Asia Pacific and other relevant offices in Europe and North America.


...passionate about using the power of communications to bring about positive change in people and the planet.

Paolo Mangahas

Governance Team

The Governance Team consists of senior executives drawn from a cross-section of disciplines (conservation, operations, communications, and marketing) from the principal WWF offices that provide financial support to and/or implementing programmatic and policy activities within the Coral Triangle Programme. The Governance Team ensures that the programme delivers on its overall strategic objectives by facilitating fundraising progress led by the programme leader.

The Governance Team is composed of:
  • CEOs of the 4 National and Programme Offices (WWF Philippines, WWF Indonesia, WWF Malaysia, WWF Pacific)
  • Representative of WWF International/Global Marine Programme
  • Representative of Host Office (WWF Indonesia Programme Development & Quality Assurance)
  • Chair of the WWF Coral Triangle Programme Advisory Group
  • Coral Triangle Programme Leader

The Management Team is composed of:
  • Coral Triangle Programme Leader
  • Senior Management level Conservation / Marine and/or Policy representatives from each of the National and Programme Offices
  • Technical staff from the National and Programme Offices

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