Policy Brief: Towards the Adoption of Circle Hooks to Reduce Fisheries Bycatch in the Coral Triangle Region

Posted on 10 February 2011    
Cover for Coral Triangle Bycatch Policy Brief
This policy brief evaluates the urgent issue of bycatch reduction in longline fisheries in the Coral Triangle, providing evidence, analysis, recommendations and advice.

It outlines evidence confirming the benefits of Circle hooks in reducing bycatch of marine turtles while not adversely impacting – and in most cases actually improving – target catch.

It furthermore provides a rationale for the transition to the use of Circle hooks among longline operations in the Coral Triangle region, as a necessary step in reversing negative impacts on marine turtles in this region.

In describing various policy options and outlining a recommended course of action, this brief aims to serve as an impetus for positive, solution-based change in longline fisheries and contribute to sustained improvements in the management and environmental performance of this sector.

Companies endorsing WWF Coral Triangle Bycatch Policy Brief:

Anova Seafood

Culimer BV 

Edeka Group 

Luen Thai Fishing Ventures

Norpac Fisheries Export 

Sea Delight 


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