Progress on the Yaoundé Declaration: Cameroon

Cameroon, which hosted the summit in March 1999, has been very active in implementing the Yaoundé Declaration.

It is the only country that has drawn up and implemented an action plan based on the 12 points of the Declaration. Achievements include the following:
  • Adopted an immediate action plan in November 1999 that was revised in June 2000. It focused on four themes - controlling illegal forest exploitation; poaching; the involvement of local populations in forest conservation and setting up timetables for achieving targets. This plan was extended to June 2001 with a budget of US$7.7 million.

  • Created 87 new forestry posts.

  • Adopted new rules for issuing logging licences, whilst carrying out audits of current logging operations.

  • In October 1999, a national anti-poaching committee was created which defined priority action zones for anti-poaching campaigns.

  • Five new national parks were created in Cameroon – Campo Ma'an, Mbam et Djérem, Lobeke, Mpem et Djim and Vallée du Mbéré National Parks – totalling 1,076,190 hectares. About 8 designated areas like Boumba Bek, Nki, Bakossi forests and 5 others are on the verge of becoming national parks. This means that about 10-12% of Cameroon's rainforests are now protected areas.

  • An elephant management plan that includes the protection of its forest habitat has been adopted. The plan also incorporates ways of dealing with the conflict between humans and elephants and the regulation of sport hunting and tourism. The aim of the plan is to enable the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) to reinstate an export quota of elephant tusks withdrawn in 1997.
Much of the debts of the Organisation for Wildlife Conservation in Central Africa (OCFSA) which had its headquarters moved to Yaoundé from Khartoum, have been paid off by the Cameroon government which is also playing an active role in the revived organisation.

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