What people have said about the Yaoundé Declaration

The Yaoundé Summit in March 1999 was attended by more than 600 delegates, including representatives from the international community. The historic Summit received numerous international endorsements; among these were the following:

"Never before has there been such a coordinated and concerted regional effort to come to grips with the wide range of issues involved and I pledge the support of the United Nations for your efforts."
Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations

The Yaounde Declaration was recognized by the UN 54th General Assembly on 1st February 2000 in a resolution entitled "Conservation and Sustainable Development of Central African Forest Ecosystems".

"Today you commit to the preservation of a network of protected areas and corridors, new trans-national management plans for wildlife and protected areas, and the initiation of multi-country efforts for conservation. I applaud these critical symbols of commitment... I am also committed to making natural resources management a central component of the World Bank assistance."
Ian Johnson, Vice-President of the World Bank

 "This Summit meeting on forests in the Congo Basin is evidence that there is a willingness to confront the problems and search for the solutions at all levels: local, national, regional and inter- national... Summitry has, of course, become a standard feature of international diplomacy; yet, summits on forestry issues are a rarity. I therefore congratulate you, President Biya, for taking this important high-level initiative to promote the conservation and sustainable development of the important forests of the Congo Basin. "
HE Chief Emeka Anyaoku CON, then Commonwealth Secretary-General

 "This conference will have an impact and an influence far beyond the Congo Basin. It will send out a clear message to the global conservation community and to the aid agencies that the governments of this region are taking serious steps to tackle the problems of forest conservation together.”
HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, WWF's International President Emeritus

"In future you can be rest assured that we are both available and attentive to the implementation of the conclusions of this Summit. We wish to specially welcome the unprecedented political initiative which it represents."
The Presidency of the European Union

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