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To promote, support and guide logging companies that understand how good logging practices can lead to a market advantage, WWF has set up the Central Africa Forest & Trade Network (CAFTN) for responsible forest management and trade.

What is the CAFTN in practice?

The CAFTN - a part of WWF's Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN) - is a platform for partnership between forest managers/ processors and other stakeholders committed to:
  • responsible forest management
  • credible and independent certification of forest management and chain of custody.
The CAFTN facilitates access to markets where logging companies can sell their goods, and provides technical and financial support to help companies achieve certification.

The CAFTN, an exclusive “club”

In its first year of operation, CAFTN already includes 2 logging companies: Cameroon-based TRC and PALLISCO.

This is no small achievement, as membership in the CAFTN is an exclusive privilege: to be able to join, logging companies must sign conventions with WWF and develop transparent action plans for achieving legal and progressively more responsible levels of forest management. This culminates in certification under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Other logging companies operating in the region have also approached WWF, and are in the process of becoming formal members.

Making sure CAFTN members leave positive footprints

A core aspect of CAFTN membership is sustainable forest management plans. What are the impacts of the logging activity on local wildlife? How is the local population affected by the logging operations? These, and many other questions, are discussed openly between WWF and logging companies until we have a management plan - a blueprint that makes environmental, social and business sense.

The long road ahead

While some companies express interest to join the CAFTN at their own initiative, WWF still faces the daunting task of raising awareness of the network’s existence.

From international exhibitions to timber trade conferences, we are busy recruiting new members for the CAFTN and explaining how membership can benefit both business and the Congo Basin forests.

The CAFTN makes its mark around the world

The CAFTN is reaching well beyond the borders of Central Africa. After all, demand for timber from the Congo Basin forests comes from around the world – in fact, as far as China.

There, a firm has expressed strong interest to purchase timber from companies in Central Africa that are committed to sustainable forest management and certification.
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