Towards a Greener Economy in the Heart of Borneo

Posted on 20 November 2013    
HoB General Info Package
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WWF has been working with three governments and partners to support the delivery of the 'vision' articulated in the Declaration 2007. With the factsheet WWF details its work to build the foundations of a green economy based on the environment, social and economic values of the Heart of Borneo. 


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: Towards a green economy in the Heart of Borneo

In Brunei:
Rehabilitating Peatlands to Reduce Fires, Haze and Carbon Dioxide Emissions #Factsheet 8
Sungei Ingei Faunal Biodiversity Survey #Factsheet 9
In Indonesia:
Community Conservation of Orang-utan in Kapuas Hulu, West Kalimantan #Factsheet 10
Equitable Payment for Watershed Services (EPWS) #Factsheet 11
Addressing Conservation Legislation and Policy Issues in West Kalimantan #Factsheet 12
Forest Conversion Mitigation Programme in West Kalimantan #Factsheet 13
Sustainable Management of Kutai Barat Landscape in East Kalimantan #Factsheet 14
Protection of Biodiversity, Livelihood and Ecological Function of Muller-Schwaner #Factsheet 15
Implementing Collaborative Management in Kayan Mentarang National Park #Factsheet 16
Managing Buffer Zones through Forest Restoration and REDD+ #Factsheet 17
In Malaysia:
Seeking a Bird's Eye View on Orangutan Survival in Sabah #Factsheet 1
The Forest Restoration Programme in North Ulu Segama, Sabah #Factsheet 2
Building the Resilience of Freshwater Sources #Factsheet 3
Studying the Behaviour of Clouded Leopards #Factsheet 4
Sustainable Forest Management #Factsheet 5
Towards Sustainable Palm Oil Production #Factsheet 6
Supporting Local Voices on Environmental Issues #Factsheet 7
Borneo Pygmy Elephant #Factsheet 18
Orang-utan #Factsheet 19
Sumatran Rhinoceros #Factsheet 20
HoB General Info Package
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