WWF Supporter Trip to Sebangau National Park, the Gate of the Heart of Borneo

Posted on 10 April 2013    
WWF Supporter Trip to Sebangau National Park
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From 17-20 May 2013, WWF-Indonesia will organise “Supporter Appreciation Trip” to the Sebangau National Park, the gate to the Heart of Borneo, in Central Kalimantan. The participants of trip will be taken to explore the peatland forest, follow day-to-day field activities done by our field staff and our partners, tree planting and to find out orangutan nest, and if possible the wild orangutan! Trip will be closed by taking participants to enjoy the culture of Dayak people at the Isen Mulang Festival, which has been a regular, annual activity organised by the government of Central Kalimantan Province.
The Sebangau National Park, 568,700 hectare in size, is a 'biodiversity bank' to more than 800 species of flora, 15 species of mammals, 182 species of birds and 54 species of snakes. The vegetation on Sebangau peatland is very specific and serves as valuable economic resource, both timber and non-timber forest products, such as rubber, rattan, herbs etc. The park is a home to Orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus), Proboscis Monkey (Nasalis larvatus), Sun Bear (Helarctos malayanus), Owa (Hylobates agilitis), hornbills, clouded leopard, long-tail macaque, etc. More about Sebangau National Park
The Sebangau National Park is surrounded by 46 villages populated by more than 61,000 people with various background of culture, ethnic and is rich of local wisdom. Through this trip, WWF Supporters will be able to see rattan harvesting and fire football attraction performed by local villagers.
This trip is open for public. Participant should be at least 20 years old, physically and mentally health. WWF-Indonesia is offering two packages: Ticket and Non-ticket. The Ticket will cover Garuda roundtrip airfare Jakarta-Palangka Raya, local transportation, trip insurance, meals and accomodation, WWF t-shirt and cap plus trip guidebook, and "MyBabyTree" donation package. If you're an active WWF-Indonesia Supporter, IDR 1 million will be discounted from the price!
So, are you ready to have a trip of a life-time adventure to the heart of Borneo? Call (021)-5761076 or email to supporter-service@wwf.or.id. Registration will be closed on 1 May 2013. Hurry up, limited seats only for 9 people!
WWF Supporter Trip to Sebangau National Park
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