BIMP-EAGA ministers pledge strong support for Heart of Borneo

Posted on 16 March 2011  | 
High level ministers representing the Brunei Darussalam-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines-East Asean Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA) pledged their continuing support for the conservation and sustainable development aims of the Heart of Borneo and Coral Triangle Initiatives, at a Ministerial Conference held at the Ulu-Ulu Resort in Temborong, Brunei Darussalam in early March 2011.

During the meeting, Ministers underscored the importance of the two diverse ecological areas and their respective significant roles in mitigating climate change. They acknowledged and commended the progress achieved so far under the two initiatives and noted that good strategies and plans were in place, including those to maintain ecological corridors to join terrestrial and marine biodiversity.

The Ministers also welcomed the role of regional organizations and ‘dialogue’ partners, as well as the private sector in working together under the umbrella of the two initiatives to mitigate climate change, including respective national efforts to reduce carbon emissions. They acknowledged that this would require the acquisition of much needed knowledge, technology and capacity building for the region.

The Ministers believed these efforts would complement each other, creating synergies that would significantly contribute to BIMP-EAGA’s rich biodiversity.  In this regard, Ministers recognised the BIMP-EAGA region as “the most mega-diverse sub-region in the world”.

The Ministers welcomed discussions around promoting environmental sustainability to ensure local communities benefited from the vast economic potential of the area.

WWF’s Heart of Borneo Leader, Adam Tomasek, commended the Ministers on their commitment to expand collaboration. “The Ministers have responded to the ‘call to action’ issued by their Heads of State last year. Working together across the BIMP-EAGA region, with the private sector, development partners and local communities will render immense benefits. The region’s governments have a unique opportunity to create a green economy, based on the economic, natural and social capital of the Heart of Borneo. WWF stands ready to mobilize partners and support to ensure that this bold commitment can be showcased at the Rio+20 Earth Summit in 2012.”
Ministers enjoy an informal moment at BIMP-EAGA Ministerial Conference held at the Ulu-Ulu Resort in Temborong, Brunei in early March 2011
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