Kapuas Hulu Head of District Launched Sura Suta Radio Community

Posted on 21 February 2014    
Kapuas Hulu, Sura Suta Radio, West Kalimantan, Heart of Borneo, HoB, 2014
Kapuas Hulu Regent launched Sura Suta Radio
© WWF-Indonesia/West Kalimantan Program
Kapuas Hulu Regent, H. Abang Muhammad Nasir launched a Radio Community named Sura Suta in Bunut Hilir Village, Kapuas Hulu District, on Thursday (6/2/2014). This radio community was initiated by WWF-Indonesia, West Kalimantan Program together with Institute and Study for Regional Information (LPS-AIR).
AM Nasir in radio premiere broadcast emitted through frequency FM 107 Mhz invited citizens of Bunut Hilir to convey information in their respective villages by the radio. 'I invite the listeners of Sura Suta Radio to convey information from the respective villages through the radio. Use this facility to exchange the information between citizens,' he said.
He also asked the Manager to maintain Sura Suta Radio well and all the facilities that already exist, so that the appliance can operate for community needs. In addition, the emissivity of the radio currently still needs to be expanded. Radio Sura Suta has emissive power up to radius 20 kilometers. By this, it it could confirm that a number of villages in the category of remote areas can get broadcasts that are transmitted from the Study of Sura Suta Bunut Hilir.
The head of Bunut Hilir village, Rizal Matubu ensured all villages in Bunut Hilir sub district can receive broadcasts of Sura Suta Radio. ''We have 11 villages and all have confirmed receiving the broadcast. The villages of Empangau, Teluk Aur, Nanga Tuan, Tembang, Bunut Hulu, even the furthest villages such as Entibab also receive the broadcasts of Sura Suta,' he added.
Besides Bunut Hilir, three other sub districts in Kapuas Hulu, Jongkong, Embaloh Hilir, and Boyan Tanjung could receive radio broadcasts. ‘There is only one sub district, Selimbau that has not got the radio broadcast. Hopefully we can improve the broadcast quality,'' said Rizal.
While the communications coordinator for WWF-Indonesia, West Kalimantan Program, Jimmy Syahirsyah told this radio community was a series of community empowerment activities that had already done before through Panda Click program. Panda Click’s spirit pushed the society plays an active role in development. And so far, our society is still constrained communication tools, ''he said.
Jimmy explained that public did not mean to be invited by government or allowed on an active role in the development. But, sometimes the society is lack of ability to express their ideas. 
Through photography, the community already had the good sense to express their ideas. WWF saw this condition should be followed by finding other suitable media. “For example is the radio community. It could be interactive. The issue from society can be discussed directly and hopefully can impact the changes faster. It also may explore the potential culture of the village,” he added.
Director of LPS-AIR, Deman Huri Gustira also said the establishment of radio community as something that is really interesting. ‘The radio is a very useful tool in Bunut Hilir. Moreover, there is only Radio Republic of Indonesia (RRI) that broadcats here and it’s very bad. And the radio will give lots of benefits for them since it is from the community and for the community.
Deman also explained that the access to get any information in Bunut Hilir is very limited. 'Nevertheless, Bunut Hilir has lots of natural resources. I think Sura Suta Radio with the tagline Save the Kapuas River, would give a great impact for the future of Bunut Hilir,' he added. 
Kapuas Hulu, Sura Suta Radio, West Kalimantan, Heart of Borneo, HoB, 2014
Kapuas Hulu Regent launched Sura Suta Radio
© WWF-Indonesia/West Kalimantan Program Enlarge

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