Blog 7: winding down - returning home

Posted on 31 October 2012  | 
 The second last day of the trip. A slow day of travelling via boat and car to Putussibau. Less eventful than the first boat ride (the rain has meant the river has risen a little), we only have to contend with the heat of the sun. Most of us spend the 7 hours curled beneath sarongs, scarves, hats and raincoats – whatever will cover us – watching the world float by.

“We started the long 7 hour boat trip quite early. I’m going to miss our host. They were so friendly and so sweet.”

I really noticed all the logs along the river bank on this trip. Apparently they are from the illegal logging that took place before the nearby border crossing to Malaysia closed. The logs are now unable to go through so they lie wasted by the river, or clogging it from within.

“When we have arrived at Lanjak we went straight to Putussibau and checked in at a hotel near the WWF station. For dinner, we went to a restaurant where we watched a dance performance.”

“Went to dinner in the same yummy restaurant as before. Delicious food. So glad I could eat something other than fish!”

“Witnessed a pretty groovy concert. Saw some wonderful girls dance to some really catchy music. They were great!”

“After that, Nugie sang a song about our trip, the song was amazing and what makes it more amazing is the fact that he made it spontaneously. All the information about the trip was in the song, it was really good!! Other performance by the people from WWF is also performed and I loved it as I now know their other abilities.”

“It was a great way to end the trip!”
HoB School Trip participants, Nugie and WWF staff who helped make the whole adventure possible
© WWF-Indonesia / Sugeng Hendratno Enlarge
Students from Global Jaya International School back in the long boat for the long return journey to Putussibau
© WWF-Indonesia / Sugeng Hendratno Enlarge
Remnants of illegal logging litter the riverbank - West Kalimantan
© WWF-Indonesia / Sugeng Hendratno Enlarge
Great music and dancers in Putussibau at the end of the HoB School Trip
© WWF-Indonesia / Sugeng Hendratno Enlarge
A singalong at the end of the HoB School Trip
© WWF-Indonesia / Sugeng Hendratno Enlarge

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