Blog 1: Into the Heart of Borneo

Posted on 27 September 2012  | 
Sitting in an office in the south of Jakarta, it’s hard to imagine what the next week is going to be like. I’ve been to Sarawak and Sabah in Malaysian Borneo but spent most of my time in places that catered for tourists. I think this trip will be different.

We’re going into the Heart of Borneo.

By we, I mean Very, Charlotte (my WWF colleagues), a videographer and me (Jane), along with 10 high school students – winners of the HoB Youth Student Debate held earlier this year, two of their teachers, a national celebrity and WWF supporter, Nugie and a team of WWF West Kalimantan staff who will be our guides.

The next week will be spent moving from town to village to forest in planes, 4WDs and long boats, staying in hotels, a research station and a long house.

We leave at a time tomorrow that sits in the abyss between night and day. A time I’m not even sure really exists.

Flying into Pontianak, we’ll stay for a night and then fly to Putussibau. A trip that is around an hour by aeroplane or 18 hours by car: we chose aeroplane (although that may change when I see the size of it).

From Putussibau, we’ll go to Lanjak to visit conservation and livelihood project sites and speak with people from the local community. Then Semangit, a village located on top of Lake Sentarum. Meliau is next for (hopefully) some orang-utan spotting then Lubuk Liuk Village, another lake-top village, fishing-focused and tiny. And then we go back the way we came, only more quickly.

We’re going to be collecting stories to share the unique social and natural capital of the Heart of Borneo to help people understand why we’re working so hard to protect it. We’ll keep you updated as we go, as much as we can.

Stay tuned…
The School Trip Preparation Meeting at WWF-Indonesia Jakarta Office
The School Trip Preparation Meeting at WWF-Indonesia Jakarta Office on 17 September 2012
© WWF-Indonesia - Noverica Widjojo Enlarge
Their understanding and familiarity on the area makes them the best local photographers
© Sodik Asmoro / Photovoices - WWF Enlarge

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