Our objective

Great Egrets, Hungary
© Wild Wonders of Europe/Markus Varesvuo/WWF

What we want to do

To secure Europe’s greatest natural treasures in the Green Heart of Europe
• Secure the effective protection of Europe’s greatest wilderness areas in the Southern Carpathians, Danube Delta and Maramures, and promote them as premier ecotourism destinations.

• Secure key corridors for the movement of brown bears and other larger carnivores.

• Ensure legal protection for all virgin forests in the Carpathian Mountains, using the Carpathian Convention, EU and national legislation. Promote close to nature forest management, including through FSC certification, for at least 3 million hectares of forest.

• Support implementation of the Lower Danube Green Corridor, the Alpine-Carpathian Corridor, the Mura-Drava-Danube Transboundary Biosphere Reserve, the March-Thaya trilateral reserve and other Ramsar sites. Support and implement floodplain and wetland restoration projects across the Danube.

• Address illegal trade and poaching, secure spawning areas and restore migration across the Iron Gates dams.

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