Partners working for the future of the Danube Delta, Ukraine

Together to make a difference

Danube Biosphere Reserve
The Danube Biosphere Reserve authority worked closely with Partners For Wetlands on the restoration of sluices in Stenzovsko-Zhebriyanski Plavni to allow the exchange of water between the Plavni (floodplain) and the Danube Delta.

Izmail State Forestry, Ukraine
"While we previously tried to exploit the island with forestry, hunting and animal grazing, we now have understood that there is a much more promising route to development in this region"
Mr. Nikolay Scezepin

As the owner of Tataru Island, Izmail State Forestry is working with Partners for Wetlands to restore the natural habitat of the island.

In October 30 2003 earthworks began to dismantle more than 6km of dykes to restore the natural flooding regime of the Danube River. This is the first model project of A Vision for the Ukrainian Danube Delta . The next focus of this collaboration will be the establishment of sustainable tourism, forestry, fishery and hunting to benefit the local population and invigorate the local economy.

Odessa Oblast State Water Management Board, Ukraine
"The Vision for the Ukrainian Danube Delta that was developed by WWF Danube-Carpathian Programme in cooperation with WWF Netherlands is the first document in Ukraine to present a concise overview of the whole Ukrainian Danube Delta. It provides an analysis of the problem but also a way into the future, even identifying the potential model sites for demonstrating the Vision's objectives. I would like to say thank you to WWF for developing such a vision and I hope that WWF will continue to play an important role in the development of the nature conservation in the Ukrainian Danube delta."
Ivan Kichuk

Odessa Oblast State Water Management Board is the main collaborator on efforts to restore the natural fluctuation of water levels of Katlabuh Lake with the overall aim of improving water quality and restoring the fish population.

Odessa Oblast Environmental Board, Ukraine
Since 2001, the Odessa Oblast State Environmental Board has provided political support for promoting the “Vision for the Ukrainian Danube Delta” and implementing model projects.

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