Rusenski Lom pilot site

The Danube PES project, Rusenski Lom nature park. / ©: WWF / Veselina Kavrakova
The Danube PES project, Rusenski Lom nature park.
© WWF / Veselina Kavrakova
The vicinity of Rusenski Lom Nature Park near the Bulgarian town of Ruse is an area of high conservation value.
Rusenski Lom with its four rivers features unique nature, history and traditions. It generates income for 35,000 people living on agriculture, forestry, and tourism. The pilot site is part of two Natura 2000 sites and an Important Bird Area with about 200 nesting bird species. On an area of 3408 ha only, 900 plant species - 23% of Bulgaria’s flora – can be found. 200 bird species are nesting, 76% of Bulgaria´s mammal species use the area and 22 fish species swim in its waters.
Rusenski Lom pilot site map.  rel=
Rusenski Lom pilot site map.

The PES scheme

WWF activities focus on maintaining and enhancing these biodiversity values by mobilising financial support for nature friendly agriculture, marketing locally produced food and food products from the High Nature Value grasslands and implementing sustainable forestry management in the park forests. The tourism branch has become a partner for these activities. The WWF team plans to set up a local Conservation Fund to supply the Park Administration with additional resources for managing visitor streams and supporting conservation activities for e.g. Egyptian vulture, Black stork, the European ground squirrel, or Crex crex.

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