The Danube PES project

The Lower Danube at Belene, Bulgaria.  rel=
The Lower Danube at Belene, Bulgaria.
© Alexander Ivanov
This project promotes and supports land managers who help us sustain the benefits that we all get from nature. The project is implemented by the WWF Danube-Carpathian Programme with the financial support of the GEF through UNEP, and of the European Commission.
The current project introduces economic incentives – payments for ecosystem services - to support land managers in the Lower Danube to sustain the typical benefits we get from nature in the river basin. They encourage the ordinary person, the business and the institutions to take action to sustain the services from nature we all depend on.

Implemented by WWF Danube-Carpathian Programme, the project demonstrates how national and local-level payment schemes can work in Bulgaria and Romania. It integrates this novel approach into the Danube River Basin Management Plan and shares experience and learning with other countries in the Danube River basin, especially Serbia and Ukraine, as well as with other major river basins and the international community.

Learn about the concept of Payments for Ecosystem Services. 
The Danube PES project logo. / ©: WWF
The Danube PES project logo.

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