Transboundary section: Bulgaria and Romania

Bulgarian-Romanian section ("ISPA 2")

This section of the Danube, including the entire lower Danube, is one of the most natural stretches of the river. It is characterised by a wide riverbed and countless islands. Navigation projects threaten the entire natural section.

This section of the Danube is subject to a project that includes "Improvement of the navigation on the Danube River on the common Bulgarian-Romanian section", which totals 488 river-km.

The objective of this project is to improve the parameters of the navigation fairway (depth and width) in the specified critical sections, including areas around Belene and the Batin Islands. Remnants of natural floodplain forests still exist in this area. The project location in Belene is next to the Persina Island, which is part of a Nature Park.

The project involves surveying activities and construction of river groynes, cutting off the side arms for the purpose of regulating water flows, enforcement of the riverbank and dredging.

ISPA funds have been granted for the preparation of a feasibility study, plans and permitting. Other EU funds (Cohesion) will be sought for implementation of the works. The project is expected to enter the public participation phase of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) no earlier than June 2010. WWF and other NGOs of the region will attend public forums to comment on the project.

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Many unique and protected islands in the Bulgarian/Romanian section of the Danube are under threat from river regulation.

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