River Modification Projects

Dredging, diking and damming

A string of planned and ongoing river regulation projects promoted by the EU and national governments seek to dredge, dike and dam the Danube on well over 1000 km of its length, threatening to destroy the river's most valuable remaining natural areas and many of the benefits and services that the river provides.

Planned and ongoing river modification projects include: 

EU TEN-T "Corridor No. VII"
The EU aims to develop the Danube as a priority transport corridor as part of the Trans-European Network for Transportation. But current plans for developing this transport corridor could destroy up to 1000 km of the Danube's most valuable areas.

Germany: Straubing-Vilshofen
Current plans for building dams to regulate the Danube between Straubing and Vilshofen would have disastrous consequences for this last free-flowing stretch of the river in Germany.

Austria: East of Vienna
 Plans to modify the channel for navigation along the Danube Floodplain National Park could have a "domino effect" plans for the entire Danube.

: Virtually the entire Hungarian stretch of the Danube
 is to be regulated, threatening a string of valuable nature areas including Ipoly National Park as well as drinking water for millions of people.

Bulgaria-Romania common border
A navigation project along 450 km of river threatens the Lower Danube, one of the most natural stretches of the river, and in Europe.

Romania: Calarasi-Braila
An EU-funded project promises to cut off 90% of migration routes of Danube sturgeon, which are already on the brink of extinction.

Ukraine: Bystroye Canal
The government of Ukraine has already constructed parts of the Bystroye Canal through the heart of the Ukrainian Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, an area of global ecological importance.

 / ©: Map credit: Fluvius Vienna; adapted by WWF DCP
Natural vs. Threatened Stretches along the Danube River due to navigation projects
© Map credit: Fluvius Vienna; adapted by WWF DCP

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