Danube Campaign

Living river -- or transport canal?

Old-fashioned river engineering projects put forward by national governments and supported by the European Union could transform our living Danube into little more than a shipping canal.

Over 1,000 km of the Danube could be artificially deepened, regulated, or dammed
, destroying many of Europe’s last great river landscapes and wetlands, including the myriad of benefits and services they provide, from drinking water to fish, tourism and recreation. 

Transportation is one important use of our river – but not the only one. We want a living river, not just a canal. Fit the ships to the river, not the river to the ships!

 / ©: WWF-DCP
The Danube: living river or transport canal? Green = areas of high ecological value; Red = EU priority sections ("bottlenecks") for inland navigation (TEN-T); Brown = other navigation projects (supported e.g. by EU ISPA programme and by Ukrainian Government).
 / ©: WWF-Canon / Paul Glendell
Heavy navigation threatens the Danube River ecosystem. Barge navigating along the Danube River, Slovakia.
© WWF-Canon / Paul Glendell
 / ©: Anton Vorauer, WWF
The Danube Delta is one of the most valuable natural areas on earth, including the world's largest reed beds and a globally important resting and breeding place for birds.
© Anton Vorauer, WWF
 / ©: WWF DCP
Hubert von Goisern and WWF members on tourboat

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