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The Living Danube Tour 2015 is picking up speed

The educational road show will be in 5 states in CEE
WWF’s Living Danube Tour is picking up speed in 5 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. The education show was already in Hungary in March and April. Visitors hear stories about river inhabitants, what keeps rivers healthy and what destroys their balance, putting species and people at risk by depleting water resources and reducing climate change, flood protection and food resources. The tour is sponsored by Coca Cola and is part of a seven-year partnership aiming to restore vital wetlands and floodplains along the Danube.

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The tour is coming to 25 locations in the Danube region
The Partnership for a Living Danube aims to promote a regional movement for wetland conservation and restoration. That's why a Living Danube Tour started just before Danube Day 2014 in Serbia.

A special mobile exhibit is visiting more than 25 locations in Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Serbia by the end of the summer of 2015.

Here are the confirmed locations of the tour for now:


27 June 2014 – Nis, Plato kod Kalce, corner of Kopitareva and Obrenoviceva Str.
28 June 2014 – Belgrade, Ada Ciganlja island
29 June 2014 – Belgrade, Ada Ciganlja island
1 July 2014 – Novi Sad, Strand beach on the Danube
3 July 2014 – Sombor, Trg Svetog Đorđa

13 July 2014 – Križnica, Pitomača municipality, next to the Drava river
The tour will be back in the summer of 2015.

29-31 August 2014 at Ujpest Days in Budapest.
21 September 2014 at Coca-Cola Hungary Family Day
28 September 2014 at Tropicarium in Budapest.
The tour will be back in the summer of 2015.


12-13 May 2015 - Sofia,
14 May 2015 - Lom,
15 May 2015 - Pleven,
17 May 2015 - Ruse,
19 May 2015 - Veliko Turnovo,
20 May 2015 - Tryavna,
21 May 2015 - Gabrovo.

3 June 2015 - Drobeta-Turnu Severin, 
5-6 June 2015 - Bucharest, 
9 June 2015 - Constanta, 
11 June 2015 - Tulcea, 
12 June 2015 - Mahmudia.

27 June 2015 - Vukovar,
28 June 2015 - Osijek,
30 June 2015 - Koprivnica,
1 July 2015 - Zagreb, Park Bundek,
2 July 2015 - Zagreb, Park Maksimir.

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