Floodplain protection and restoration

Wetlands are hotspots of biodiversity and provide a myriad of benefits and services, including flood protection, drinking water, nutrient removal, tourism and recreation, fish and fowl.
Despite this, over 80% of Danube floodplains and wetlands have been lost, mostly due to diking, dredging and daming for agriculture and shipping. As a result, fish populations have plummeted. Floods are growing in their frequency and destructiveness.

WWF's aim is to protect and restore the Danube's productive floodplains and wetland areas for the benefit of both people and nature. 

Our work focuses especially on the Lower and Middle sections of the Danube and its major tributaries, where there are the most floodplain and wetland areas still remaining as well as the greatest potential for restoration. WWF is working to: 

Lower Danube Basin

  • Implement the Lower Danube Green Corridor -- Europe's most ambitious wetland protection and restoration project, including the globally important Danube Delta.

Middle Danube Basin

  • Protect the Drava River, including the Drava-Danube confluence -- one of Europe's last natural rivers.
  • Restore wetlands on the Tisza River in Hungary and Ukraine
  • Restore wetland areas of the Danube in Hungary, including Liberty Island

Upper Danube Basin

  • Protect and restore the rich wetlands of the Morava-Dyje (March-Thaya) river shared by Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

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