Educational campaign "We want to live in sustainable region!"

From March until June 2013 more than 40 schools and environmental youth groups from Odessa oblast are taking part in the campaign 'We want to live in a sustainable region!'

The campaign aims to raise awareness about the natural wonders of the Danube Delta and problems it faces now: climate change, limited drinking water availability, loss of biodiversity, pollution etc. 

The campaign has started with a kick-off meeting where school teachers of biology and leaders of the environmental youth groups received training on communicating the issues and 'information tool box'. The 'information tool box' includes brochure on the teaching methodology, hand-outs for the class, cards with pictures of plants and animals living in the Delta region, CD with additional  information, tools for showing simple scientific experiments.

The campaign has several components:
  • after-school lessons,
  • activities: trips 'into the wild', clean up of protected areas or other locally important places, organisation of eco-fairs, 
  • competition between the schools for the best eco-city in the Danube Delta region.
 A jury will identify the winner in the beginning of summer and as a reward, the school team will go on a one day trip to one of the picturesque sights in the region.

Another important component of the campaign is organisation of the clean up days by each school.  All teachers have received necessary for this supplements - gloves and biodegradable waste-bags which were kindly provided by the partner company 'Biosphere".

All campaign materials were developed by the WWF and Danube Biosphere Reserve.
 / ©: Kateryna Kurakina
The brochure tells about the natural wonders of the Danube Delta and threats the region is facing
© Kateryna Kurakina

Through this campaign we wanted to share our passion for the region with kids, show importance of nature and its careful treatment. We hope next generation will save what we are ruining now - our Planet!

Kateryna Kurakina, author of the campaign information materials

Video from the kick-off meeting (UA)

  •  / ©: WWF-DCP
  •  / ©: WWF-DCP
  •  / ©: WWF-DCP

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