Carpathian Opportunity

Change is coming to the Carpathians. But what will this change look like, now and tomorrow?WWF has initiated the Carpathian Opportunity to promote a conservation economy that profits from while preserving the rich natural resources of our region.

Some places in the world are blessed with a richness and diversity of natural and cultural wealth. The Carpathian Mountains is one of them, giving this region a significant natural advantage over other areas.

More business, more jobs, more nature

The main objective of the Carpathian Opportunity is to identify, promote and support development opportunities that focus on stimulating a vibrant conservation economy, one that delivers “More Business, More Jobs, More Nature”.

By partnering with progressive leaders from business and industry, government and local communities, we aim to:

Inspire Change: to create a new conservation constituency in the Carpathians comprising 5,000 people, 100 businesses, 20 government offices and 20 partner organisations as official partners signed on to and promoting the Carpathian Opportunity.

Pioneer Change: to reduce negative and increase positive impacts of economic activity: At least 4 sectors -- energy, food, tourism and forestry -- shift their practices to reduce their ecological footprint and move toward a net positive contribution to the environment. At least 2 regions are recognised as models for regional development based on green innovation.

Facilitate Change: to support innovation and action: Establish a multi-faceted fund to support innovation and green entrepreneurship and create a web-based mechanism for networking and information sharing.

Contact: Ferenc Kis, WWF Danube-Carpathian Programme

 / ©: Andreas Beckmann, WWF DCP
Parcul Naţional Retezat
© Andreas Beckmann, WWF DCP
 / ©: © WWF / Michel GUNTHER
Traditional agriculture. Farmers building hay stacks. Carpathian Mountains, South-West Romania
© © WWF / Michel GUNTHER
  •  / ©: Andreas Beckmann, 2007
  •  / ©: Andreas Beckmann, 2007

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