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Our long-term goal for the Danube-Carpathians is a prosperous region based on and profiting from the sustainable management of its rich store of natural wealth.

The first step on this path is to consolidate and secure the biodiversity in the region and to explore and establish solutions for the future in a number of strategic geographical areas and key economic sectors.

The next steps will be to build and magnify those solutions in order to progressively ensure that biodiversity conservation is adopted throughout as a basis for sustainable living.

Defense and offense

WWF’s 2010 conservation strategy for the Danube-Carpathian region is based on a two-pronged approach.

The first prong assumes the necessity to secure areas of the highest importance for biodiversity conservation before they are lost. The backbone of our conservation strategy is therefore to support the creation and effective maintenance of a system of protected areas.

Protected areas alone will not, however, be enough to maintain the full protection of biodiversity. The second prong of the strategy is therefore to demonstrate integrated approaches to conservation. The programme aims to integrate biodiversity conservation as a basis for sustainable economic development in order to establish sustainable long-term mechanisms for conservation.


We have organised our conservation work in three broad programmes that reflect our priorities and approach:

We seek to bring together the work of these programmes particularly at the regional and local levels in a number of priority areas, chief among them being the Lower Danube and Danube Delta on the one hand and the area of the upper Tisza river basin, including Maramures in northern Romania as well as neighbouring parts of Ukraine and Hungary.

Our aim is on the one hand to demonstrate viable solutions for conservation and sustainable development while at the same time informing our policy work at national and EU levels.

 / ©: Andreas Beckmann, 2008
Rodna National Park, Romania
© Andreas Beckmann, 2008
 / ©: Andreas Beckmann, 2008
Rodna National Park, Romania
© Andreas Beckmann, 2008



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