13 orphaned Romanian bears get another chance

Posted on 16 July 2014  | 
13 cubs get another chance in the Ursus Centre for Orphan Bear Rehabilitation in Romania
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Thirteen orphan bear cubs, aged between 3 and 4 months, were recently brought to the Ursus Centre for Orphan Bear Rehabilitation. Another ten bears that spent the winter there, got well out of hibernation. The center coordinated by Leonardo Bereczky has saved more than 60 bears since 2003.

At a similar age, the new centre "tenants" play, grow together and learn to fend for themselves. For example, they drink milk out of the bowl, not from a bottle that would involve interaction with man. Thus, they increase the chances of returning to the wild when they grow up.

The main reason why bears in Romania remain orphans is logging which seriously affects their dens. Often, the female bear, frightened by the noise of chainsaws, fails to take the cubs with her and then they are abandoned. The second reason is hunting - many female bears fall prey to bullets.

The rehabilitation center spans across 20 hectares in the heart of the forest, away from any human contact. Bear cubs spends two years in the orphanage. As they grow, they increasingly switch places and the last step is freedom.

At the end of the summer when wild berries, their favorite food, are in abundance, ten of the bears will be released into the wild, their true home.

The rehabilitation centre is the only place that offers a real chance of survival for the orphaned bears in Romania, managing the reintegration in their natural environment.

In 2013 WWF and Ursus Breweries started a three-year partnership with two essential objectives for the survival of the brown bear: conservation and protection of the species and their habitat, the forest; and awareness raising on the importance of the brown bear and the forest for Romania.
13 cubs get another chance in the Ursus Centre for Orphan Bear Rehabilitation in Romania
© Leonardo Berezsky Enlarge

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