The Mara-Cosau-Rooster’s Peak area begins evaluation process as an ecotourism destination

Posted on 05 July 2013    
PES ecotourism meeting.
PES ecotourism meeting.
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Local partners in Maramures: mayors, local guides, representatives of the county tourism bureau, environmental and cultural heritage associations, custodians of local protected areas, guesthouse owners who contribute to the Conservation and Sustainable Development Fund were invited by the project team to assess the area as an ecotourism destination. This self-assessment is the first step which needs to be taken by a given area (or micro-region) in the evaluation process coordinated by the National Tourism Authority with the aim of creating a national network of ecotourism destinations which will support the country brand.

The self-assessment requires filling in a comprehensive standard form which contains the following criteria:
  • Satisfying a set of minimal criteria related to the attractiveness of the area (such as the existence of at least one protected area and cultural attractions), the accessibility and existence of tourism and public services.
  • Practising sustainable management of the area – the management of the protected areas and the relationship between custodians and the local communities, especially the tourism sector, marketing the area in a responsible and consistent way.
  • Maximising the social and economic benefits for the local communities and minimising the negative effects (employing local work force, supporting the local economy through local policies, etc).
  • Conserving and giving prominence to the cultural heritage and minimising the negative effects.
  • Elaborating or improving local public policies to integrate the principles of an efficient use of natural resources, the maintenance of the landscape design and the traditional architecture, the reduction of the impact that waste, greenhouse gas emissions, residual water have on the environment. 
The project team facilitated the self-assessment procedure under the supervision of the National Tourism Authority local representative. The result of the assessment was that the Mara-Cosau-Rooster’s Peak area exceeds the minimum number of points needed to begin the evaluation process coordinated by the Tourism Authority. Consequently, the team and the local partners are now proceeding to step 2, which means preparing for an evaluation visit from the Tourism Authority.
PES ecotourism meeting.
PES ecotourism meeting.
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