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New mobile app reveals the beauty of the Transylvanian Highlands

Posted on 25 January 2018    
Alma Vii
© Cristian Radu, Mihai Eminescu Trust
Bucharest - WWF-Romania, in partnership with the Mioritics Association, launched the first mobile application allowing tourists to explore the natural and cultural riches of the Transylvanian Highlands. The app connects travelers to the area, suggesting routes, places, people and activities, all promoting Transylvania as an ecotourism destination. 

Situated in the central part of Romania between the towns of Brasov, Mures and Sibiu, the Transylvanian Highlands represent the "last truly medieval landscape in Europe". The symbiosis between the mosaic of agricultural landscape, meadows with oaks, the richness of medicinal plants and wild animals and the ethnic diversity of the local people make this area a treasure preserved through the centuries. 

The Transylvanian Highlands are a great place to enjoy year-round. For those interested in discovering traditional local activities, the mobile app Transylvanian Highlands (“Colinele Transilvaniei”) can offer a rich experience. The app is a mobile GIS application useful for finding landmarks on an integrated map, providing easy interaction between tourists and the area, but also between the tourists themselves. Travelers can share their experience by categorizing the place they are visiting or the activity they are taking part in. Depending on the ratings they give, they can influence the route chosen by other travelers. The app is currently available only for Android at Google Play, in Romanian, English and German, and works also in offline mode.

The application also provides support to over 60,000 inhabitants of 44 settlements in the Transylvanian Highlands through the integrated promotion of the area as an ecotourism destination, thus ensuring a framework for sustainable development. 

"The rich biodiversity and traditional lifestyle of the local people have been connected for centuries in this area, where people live in harmony with nature. This is what impressed us even before starting our work on the management plan for the Plateau Hartibaciului protected nature area, which is part of the area. We want more people to spend time discovering these places and the application was developed to promote ‘slow’ tourism," said Orieta Hulea, Director of WWF-Romania. 

The application was developed as part of a project financially supported by Telekom Romania through the Te implici programme. 
Alma Vii
© Cristian Radu, Mihai Eminescu Trust Enlarge
© Cristian Radu, Mihai Eminescu Trust Enlarge

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