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WWF and Carrefour launch a campaign for Romanian wildlife

Posted on 01 November 2017    
© Liviu Florin Albei
Bucharest - WWF-Romania and Carrefour launched a forest toy collection called “More than a Plush”, representing Romania’s remarkable species such as bears, wolves, owls, deer, marmots, rabbits and foxes. The campaign raises awareness of Romania’s unique wild nature and how to conserve it. “More than a Plush” is available at three hypermarkets in Bucharest until 31 December 2017 - Carrefour Baneasa, Carrefour Orhideea and Carrefour Colosseum.

“WWF’s toy collection is a special one created within the partnership with Carrefour Romania, and the funds from the sale of the plush toys are fully transferred to WWF as donations for projects on freshwater preservation, old-growth forests and species in Romania,” said Cristina Haita, Corporate Partnership Coordinator at WWF-Romania.

In 2012, WWF laid the foundations of Romanian legislation for virgin forests protection and has identified over 30,000 ha of old growth forests over the past 5 years. WWF also led efforts to include 24,000 ha of virgin forests in UNESCO's “Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians” World Heritage Site in July 2017.
“Romanian forests are home to many remarkable species, some of whom, such as the brown bear, have already disappeared from other European countries. 40% of Europe's bears live in Romania - by choosing a plush bear, people can support WWF’s efforts to protect this magnificent species,” said Alexandra Dumitrescu, Digital Fundraising Coordinator at WWF-Romania.

Wildlife protection is at the centre of WWF’s conservation efforts in Romania. Aside from its efforts to preserve and restore critical habitat, including forests and wetlands, WWF is working to address poaching and the illegal wildlife trade related to sturgeons and other species and trying to stop trophy hunting of bears and other large carnivores. WWF Romania is also supporting Europe’s only bear orphanage as well reintroducing bison to the Tarcu Mountains in the Southern Carpathians.

About the partnership

The Carrefour Group and WWF-Romania started a strategic partnership in 2017 aiming to protect forests as well as promote responsible consumption and sustainable lifestyle among customers, employees and Carrefour suppliers. During the three-year partnership, a total of 21,000 ha of forest will be evaluated to identify and through this protect virgin and old growth forests. Old-growth forests are the last forest ecosystems where nature survives in its purest form without being significantly affected by human intervention, with trees of all ages supporting over 10,000 species. 
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