Earth Hour ambassador Zoli Toth: Everything depends on us

Posted on 18 March 2011  | 
Zoli Toth:
Zoli Toth: "It is an honor for me to be an Ambassador of the largest global environmental initiative ever".
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Romanian musician Zoli Toth became a star overnight when in 2005 with his band SISTEM he got the third place at the Eurovision song contest. Zoli is an active supporter of environmental causes, joining several campaigns. From 2008 until 2010 he hosted a TV show on Romanian National Television, called the Green Report. Since 2009 Zoli has been Earth Hour Ambassador in Romania, contributing significantly to the success and impact of the campaign.

You have been the Earth Hour ambassador in Romania for 3 years now. How did it all start?

In 2009 WWF Romania asked me if I would be interested to help them promote Earth Hour. I read about what happened in Australia (in 2007) and then worldwide in 2008 and I accepted. It is an honor for me to be an Ambassador of the largest global environmental initiative ever.

What is it you want to tell Romanians by supporting this cause?

In my view, Earth Hour is about sounding an alarm on wasting our planet’s resources. Every day we consume a lot of energy that we don’t actually need. If we are a bit more careful and care about future generations, we can decrease our carbon footprint significantly in the future. Everything depends on us.

How good are people in your country at taking care of environmental issues and are they concerned about climate change?

I think we have just begun to understand how serious these issues are. Environmental campaigns have a recent history in Romania. 15 years from now, the environment will probably be part of our culture.

Have you seen people's attitudes towards the environment change in Romanian as a result of Earth Hour?

The fact that 2 million people participated in Earth Hour in Romania in 2009 was a great achievement! But now we have to see how a gesture like this can be repeated in everyday life.

Do you have songs dedicated to the environment?

We don`t have lyrics about the environment, but we tried, in our latest videos, to promote various “green” messages. And we succeeded. Today the Little Green people (DEEE recycling symbols) are very popular in Romania.

Do you think musicians and show business people in general should use their influence to support environmental causes? Do you know o other musicians - in and outside of Romania - who do this and who do you admire the most?

I think first you have to do something because you believe in it, and then take advantage of your status. I spoke about environmental issues before anyone invited me to do it. I took the initiative and did it during Sistem concerts. Probably this is why I am successful with my projects. Outside of Romania there are many popular people who support causes, using their position. Bono is one of them.

What are the little steps you take in your everyday life to reduce your environmental footprint?

I use electrical devices when I need them, not more. I turn off everything when I leave my home, I use a room thermostat, I take short showers, I don’t let water run out when I brush my teeth or shave, I have energy saving light bulbs in my house, I recycle, etc.

Zoli Toth:
Zoli Toth: "It is an honor for me to be an Ambassador of the largest global environmental initiative ever".
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