Announcement of Tender for Implementation of Forest Transformation Measures (Silvicultural Operations) in Azerbaijan under the EU financed Project

Posted on 14 September 2012    
Closing Date for Submission of Tenders : 15 October, 2012

Publication reference : WWF-Azerbaijan-01-ENRTP-2012-SR-CNP

WWF-Azerbaijan intends to award a service contract in Azerbaijan for Implementation of Forest Transformation Measures (Silvicultural Operations) with financial assistance from the ENRTP programme of the European Union under the EU financed Project “Increasing the resilience of forest ecosystems against climate change in the South Caucasus Countries through forest transformation” (DCI-ENV/2010/221391- EuropeAid/128320/C/ACT/Multi) to be delivered in the following 1 lot:

• Lot 1 - Implementation of Forest Transformation Measures (Implementation of Silvicultural Operations) in Azerbaijan

Contract Description: Implementation of Forest Transformation Measures (Silvicultural Operations) in selected 2 Pilot Forest Sites, (each approx. 75 ha in size) in specified by the Contracting Organization (WWF-Azerbaijan) locations in accordance with Plan of Forest Transformation Measures . The measures will include a variety of silvicultural operations, such as: Site Preparation; Seeding; Planting; Watering; Maintenance and other forestry measures.

The Tender Dossier: The Tender Dossier (including Tender Form for submission and its annexes and Plan of Forest Transformation Measures) is available from WWF-Azerbaijan, M.Mushfig Str., Blok 501, 2K, Baku AZ1073, Azerbaijan, Tel/Fax: +994 12 5385316 and on this web-page for download - TENDER DOSSIER - in both Microsft Word and PDF versions.

Transformation Measures: The measures will include a variety of silvicultural operations under transformation plan (is attached to this Tender Dossier as separate File), such as:

• Site Preparation (site preparation on 2 pilot forest sites with total area of 150 ha)
• Seeding (seeding of about 2,150 kg forest tree species – seeds will be provided by WWF-Azerbaijan)
• Planting (planting of about 158,900 seedlings – seedlings will be provided by WWF-Azerbaijan)
• Watering
• Maintenance
• Other measures prescribed in the Tender Dossier and the Transformation Plan.

Budget: Maximum budget available for this contract will be 72000 EUR without VAT.

Submission of Tenders: The tender comprises of a Technical offer and a Financial offer and these must be submitted in separate envelopes.

Tenders must be submitted using the double envelope system, ie, in an outer parcel or envelope containing two separate, sealed envelopes, one bearing the words "Envelope A - Technical offer" and the other "Envelope B - Financial offer".

Each Technical offer and Financial offer must contain one original, clearly marked "Original", and 3 (Three) copies, each marked "Copy".

All parts of the tender other than the financial offer must be submitted in Envelope A (ie, including the Tender submission form, statements of exclusivity and availability of the key experts and declarations etc).

Any infringement of these rules (eg, unsealed envelopes or references to price in the technical offer) is to be considered a breach of the rules, and will lead to rejection of the tender.

Deadline: The deadline for submission of tenders is: 15 October, 2012 15:00 Local Time at WWF-Azerbaijan

Clarifications and Questions: Possible additional information or clarifications/questions will be published on the website mentioned above.

Contact Information: For more detailed information and additional clarifications/questions on this tender please contact:

Ms. Nargiz Abdulova, Authorized Officer
M.Mushfig Str., Blok 501, 2K
Baku AZ1073, Azerbaijan
Tel/Fax: +994 12 5385316

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION (posted on 01.10.2012)

Please, refer to the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION in a form of PDF file that includes Addendum No.1 to the Tender Dossier.

Please reffere to the File for download.

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