Initial Planning WWF Workshop Concluded within a Framework of EU Financed Project on Increasing the Resilience of Forest Ecosystems against Climate Change in the Southern Caucasus

Posted on 30 March 2011    
Workshop Participants at WWF-Caucasus Conference Hall
 The initial planning WWF workshop was organized in Tbilisi, Georgia on March 23-24, 2001 within the framework of started in 2011 EU supported Project on Increasing the resilience of forest ecosystems against climate change in the South Caucasus Countries (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan) through forest transformation – EU ENRTP Caucasus Project.

The overall objective of the EU financed project is to increase the resilience of forest ecosystems in the Southern Caucasus against climate change impacts and to improve biodiversity and livelihoods of local populations. The overall objective addresses the overarching threat of climate change to biodiversity and to forest ecosystem services which support the livelihoods of rural communities.

The workshop had been arranged and facilitated by WWF Caucasus Programme Office (WWF-Caucasus) in partnership with the project leading organization - WWF-Germany. WWF-Caucasus plays a role of the project regional office (for the South Caucasus) and the project Georgian country office.

Objectives of the workshop were to: (a) review and confirm the activity schedule and assignment of tasks and resources; (b) communicate procurement, record keeping and accounting procedures; (c) develop draft criteria for selecting the pilot sites for further discussion and confirmation at national levels.

One of the most important forestry/climate change related topics on the workshop agenda was development of draft regional criteria for selection of forest pilot sites for further transformation. The criteria address the forestry, biodiversity, legal and social factors. In future, the criteria will be reviewed and finalized during the introductory national workshops with forestry administration staff in all three South Caucasus countries.

For more details please see the Workshop Document (Programme).

Malkhaz Dzneladze
Regional Coordinator, EU ENRTP Caucasus Project
11, M. Aleksidze Str., Tbilisi 0193, Georgia
Tel.: + (995 32) 2-237-500
Workshop Participants at WWF-Caucasus Conference Hall
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