WWF's work to conserve the Baltic Sea environment

The WWF Baltic Ecoregion Programme is an active, ambitious and highly influential force in the efforts to conserve and restore the Baltic Sea. We combine scientific knowledge and expertise with creative innovation and political determination to save the unique life and beauty of the Baltic Sea. Our team of highly experienced international experts works to forge unprecedented regional partnerships to save the Baltic Sea.

The programme represents the largest membership network in the region.  We are represented in all the countries surrounding the sea and are funded through the generosity of all those individuals and organisations that place their trust in us.

We urge all citizens of the Baltic region to join us in ensuring that the Baltic Sea will once again be a clean sea, able to support abundant fish stocks, viable populations of marine life and thriving coastal communities. We need your support – only together can we save the Baltic Sea!
Baltic Sea / ©: Ola Jennersten
WWF Baltic Ecoregion Programme - Together we can save the Baltic Sea!
© Ola Jennersten

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