About the Atlas

The Arctic is changing rapidly. As the region warms twice as fast as the rest of the globe, the sea ice that defines the Arctic marine landscape is shrinking.

As a result, shipping, oil and gas development, and other uses are becoming economically feasible, and protected areas more important than ever.

Use this atlas to compare sea ice levels over time with today's industrial uses and protected areas, and see where WWF is working.

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WWF Arctic Projects (WWF)
WWF Offices (WWF)
Projected Sea Ice 2040, min (Holland et al., 2006)
Historical sea ice extent (NSIDC)
Shipping Routes (AMSA)
Protected Areas (CAFF)
Offshore oil and gas
  • Canada (Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada)
  • Greenland (Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum, Government of Greenland)
  • Norway (Norwegian Petroleum Directorate)
  • Russia (Transparent World)
  • United States (Bureau of Ocean Energy Management)

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