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Polar Bears at Risk

Posted on 08 December 2003    
Polar Bears at Risk
The effects of reductions in sea ice extent and thickness, shorter periods of maximum ice extent, as well as changes in sea ice dynamics and structure, may vary in different areas of the Arctic, but all have the potential to negatively influence the condition and reproductive success of polar bears and their prey.

This report discusses the risks that are threatening the future of the polar bear and highlights some of the work that WWF is doing to save this unique species. 


  • Foreword 
  • Summary  
  • Introduction
  • The Bear of the Sea
  • Climate Change Impacts
  • The Hunting of Polar Bears
  • Pollution in the Arctic
  • Oil Development
  • Impacts From Other Human Activities
  • Polar Bear Management
  • Conservation Challenges and WWF Priorities
  • Conclusions
  • Appendix: National Polar Bear Management
  • Abbreviations Used in the Report
  • References 

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