WWF Arctic Programme at Copenhagen 09

During the December climate negotiations, a team from WWF was in Copenhagen, to try to help make sure people know about the urgent climate signals from the Arctic.

We had an 'Arctic Tent' on Nytorv, a main public square in Copenhagen (see location on Google Maps).

We also invited Indigenous peoples, scientists, artists, youth and even an Inuit circus troupe into the tent, to help tell the stories of arctic climate change.

In front of the tent, we had a life sized polar bear carved from ice, created by renowned wildlife sculptor, Mark Coreth.

>> Find out more about the Ice Bear Project

Alongside the sculpture there was a stunning outdoor exhibit by some of the top photographers working in the Arctic today: Bryan Alexander, Martin Hartley, Steven Kazlowski, Sindre Kinnerød, Mireille de la Lez, Kevin Schafer and Staffan Widstrand.

>> Take the virtual tour of the outdoor photographic exhibit

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The WWF Arctic Programme COP15 'Arctic Tent' poster
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  • "None of this would have been possible without the professionalism, experience and commitment to quality shown by Ranum Teltudlejning tent company throughout the planning and preparations. A big thank you to Anette and Heine."

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