Past events

The WWF Global Arctic Programme has run many media campaigns highlighting our work in the Arctic, the issues faced in the region and some proposed solutions. Some of these campaigns can be seen below.

Statue outside International Polar Bear Forum 2013, Moscow, Russia. December 4, 2013
© Sue Novotny / WWF-Canon

2013 - Year of the Polar Bear

At the December 2013 International Forum on the Conservation of Polar Bears, Arctic leaders from all five range states committed to significant progress on polar bear conservation.

The Forum followed a year-long WWF campaign to bring attention to this enormous opportunity.

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The WWF Arctic Programme COP15 'Arctic Tent' poster
© WWF Arctic Programme

2009 - Arctic Tent

During the December 2009 climate negotiations, a team from WWF was in Copenhagen, to try to help make sure people know about the urgent climate signals from the Arctic.

We had an 'Arctic Tent' on Nytorv, a main public square in Copenhagen

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View from the crow's nest as the Silent Sound navigates the Northwest Passage

2009 - A tale of 2 passages

WWF supported two expeditions that took on some of the world’s most difficult waters, to see first-hand the effects of arctic climate change.

One expedition sailed across the top of Russia, a journey of 6000 nautical miles through the Northeast Passage, while another made a west to east transit of the Northwest Passage, also by sailing boat, a journey of about 7,000 nautical miles.

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Voyage for the Future 'Ambassadors for Change' in Svalbard, Norway (June 2008).
© Casper ter Kuile

2008 - Voyage for the Future

In June 2008, 18 young adults from 9 countries participated in a ten-day expedition that took them along the coast of Svalbard and taught them about climate change science and the global feedback effects associated with rising Arctic temperatures.

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