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The question is: Are you on board?

Posted on 17 July 2008    
Voyage for the Future 'Ambassadors for Change' in Svalbard, Norway (June 2008).
© Casper ter Kuile
There is no time to lose and no reason to wait. Climate change solutions exist today. The Voyage for the Future ambassadors call on the world’s governments and business leaders to:

•    Take responsibility for creating a secure future for the next generation
•    Initiate action to reverse climate change
•    Commit to cut emissions and move beyond petroleum

Eighteen young adults from nine countries participated in a ten-day expedition in June 2008 that took them on the former research vessel the MS Aleksey Maryshev along the coast of Svalbard, an arctic archipelago in the European High Arctic.

Onboard lessons covered climate change science and the global feedback effects associated with rising temperatures in the Arctic.

Voyage participants now serve as WWF ‘Ambassadors for Change’, sharing their knowledge to stimulate broad public support for measures to radically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Their mission is to inform government and business leaders, media and the general public that the Arctic is the place where present and future climate change impacts are of urgent global relevance.

Who are the ambassadors?

The ambassadors are: Nanny-Maja Anderbäck (Sweden), Johannes Barthelmeß (Germany), Emma Biermann (UK), Jeremy Brammer (Canada), Jayme Collins (Canada), Greta Hamann (Germany), Sven Heijbel (Sweden), Michiel Jansen (Netherlands), Casper ter Kuile (UK), Ekaterina Levitskaya (Russia), John Monaghan (USA), Yuriko Murakami (Japan), Evanne Nowak (Netherlands), Shunta Takagi (Japan), Karl Oskar Teien (Norway), Dmitry Vladimirov (Russia), Maria Waag (Norway) and Ben Wessel (USA).

In coordination with WWF offices in their home countries, the Voyage for the Future ‘Ambassadors for Change’ will engage with politicians and the media to advocate for action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

They will campaign both virtually and in person at a variety of international fora including the G8 Summit and the UN Conference of the Parties to the Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Need to act quickly

“These young people will witness unprecedented change because of the already locked-in effects of climate change,” said Dr Neil Hamilton, Director of WWF’s Arctic Programme. “If we do not act quickly the next generation will face a different world.

“Last year saw both a record-breaking loss of Arctic sea ice last year – 39 per cent below the average of the last 30 years – and an increase in the release of methane from high latitudes. Both these arctic climate impacts accelerate global warming beyond current predictions. The Arctic is changing faster than ever, and is a place where climate change impacts are of global concern. This is why WWF has launched the Voyage to the Future programme. It is time for everyone to protect the future of the younger generation by calling on governments from around the world to take action.”

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