Russian Barents cod and haddock fishery certified by MSC

Posted on 16 May 2014    
Fishing ships, Barents Sea, Russia
© Russian Arctic
With the assistance of WWF, two fishing companies responsible for 10% of the Russian cod and haddock catch in the Barents Sea have been certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

The Russian companies Strelets and Eridian began assessing their cod and haddock fishery in accordance with the principles of sustainable fisheries in March 2013. Now, just before one of the biggest events of the fishery market, Seafood Expo Global, these companies have successfully reached MSC standards.

WWF prepared a cooperation agreement with the companies and proposed improvements to reduce the impact of their trawling on benthic marine ecosystems. This included innovative trawl doors that do not touch the sea floor.

MSC certification helps protect the world's oceans by recognizing and promoting environmentally sustainable fishing practices, influencing consumer choices, and working with partners to make the seafood market more sustainable.

"Atlantic cod and haddock are key components of the global market for white fish trade”, said Camiel Derichs, MSC Regional Director for Europe. “The fact that Russian companies producing cod and haddock have successfully completed MSC certification is a great achievement.”
Fishing ships, Barents Sea, Russia
© Russian Arctic Enlarge

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