Free flowing rivers and forest friendly roads

Rio Tamaya. Ucayali, Peru. Amazon lowlands
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Improving standards for infrastructure projects

Investments in infrastructure development projects, particularly in the transportation and energy sectors, are on a steep rise in the Amazon. Remote areas with little contact with the global economy have become the new frontiers for development, compromising the future of these fragile regions as well as the communities who have no prior experience in dealing with transformations of this magnitude.

WWF aims to influence both the construction of new infrastructure and the improvements of existing infrastructure in critical areas of the Amazon Biome, and to reduce the direct and indirect impacts brought about by new and existing developments.

This strategy will do so by promoting the improvement of the social and environmental criteria that are used to screen and design the construction of road and hydropower development projects in the Amazon.

In addition, the aim is to advocate for national and regional transportation and energy policies to incorporate the need for alternatives and truly assess the suitability of infrastructure location. Lastly, this strategy aims to enhance the capacity and participation of civil society in the infrastructure development process, in order to ensure that their considerations are incorporated into the design and implementation of such projects in the Amazon.

How to achieve this

  • Improving social and environmental criteria for road and hydropower development in the Amazon
  • Incorporating socioenvironmental criteria into national and regional transportation and energy policies
  • Enhancing civil society capacity and active participation during the infrastructure development process
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Living Amazon Initiative Free - Flowing rivers and forest - friendly roads
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