Water, the Source of Life

Posted on 25 June 2013  | 
On Monday, 24 June, WWF held a meeting with the Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro, Dom Orani João Tempesta, at the World Youth Day (WYD) organizing headquarters. The discussion focused on the upcoming WYD as well as the possibility of a long-term partnership between the Church and WWF to communicate compelling messages about the linkage between conservation of nature and religion. Represented by Jean François Timmers, Public Policy director at WWF-Brazil, and Denise Oliveira, Communication Coordinator for Living Amazon Initiative, WWF delivered the second themed video made especially for WYD: “Water for Life.”

Water serves as the central figure of the second video produced jointly by the WWF and the WYD. Water is the planet’s most precious asset. It is critical to the survival of the all living things. Water also holds great significance for the Catholic Church, as a fundamental substance through which blessings are bestowed upon Christ’s followers.

Through stirring images of water in its purest state, the video reinforces the importance of preserving this limited resource; only 1% of all the water on the planet is drinkable and available on the surface. This supremely important natural element deserves a video dedicated to conveying the message that water is now, and always will be, the source of life.

The video launch takes place shortly after the launch of the “Friends of the WYD” project, which invites young people to support World Youth Day, whether by inviting a friend, transmitting a message of peace and unity or simply showing happiness at being able to participate in this special moment. WWF is making its contribution by showing how nature conservation and religion go hand in hand.

Fish swimming in flooded forest, they look like birds in the trees Affluent of Rio Tapajos Para State, Brazil
© © Michel Roggo / WWF-Canon Enlarge

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