Key meeting: indigenous leaders from the Amazon aim towards the conservation of their forests

Posted on 08 September 2012  | 
Indigenous leaders from the Amazon and international specialists from around the world will meet in Korea to propose a joint strategy aimed at ensuring the integrity of indigenous lands and thus, the conservation of their outstanding biodiversity and environmental services.

Indigenous peoples inhabit, and conserve, 25% of the Amazon. Their lands register lower deforestation rates tan protected areas

The event will take place on September 11th under the framework of the Conservation World Congress in the city of Jeju, and will be attended by representatives of COICA (Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations in the Amazon), the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and WWF’s Living Amazon Initiative.

In this regard, Claudio Maretti, Leader of WWF’s Living Amazon Initiative said that “the scope of this collaboration is the technical support for the improved management of their lands. This includes identifying the importance of these areas for related international agreements and demands”.

Furthermore, he highlighted other ongoing efforts to support COICA’s Indigenous REDD+ proposal “This mechanism includes helping the world understands the wider effects of deforestation, including climate change. This work carefully balances the potential benefits for both forests and indigenous peoples”.

Yanomami preparing meal. The Yanomami indians have been adversely affected by the forest fires in the Amazon, they are already facing difficulties enough to keep their traditional lifestyle. Amazon, Brazil
© © Nigel Dickinson / WWF-Canon Enlarge

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