WWF's Living Amazon Initiative: a comprehensive approach to conserving the largest rainforest and river system on Earth

Posted on 26 October 2010
Today, we use 25 % more resources than our planet can provide sustainably.

This endangers thousands of species, ecosystems, and humanity itself. To address this critical problem, under its Global Program Framework, WWF has defined two global goals: the conservation of priority areas
and species and the reduction of humanity’s ecological footprint (our impact on nature), and organized its
endeavors into global initiatives that strategically articulate these priorities.

Built upon 40 years of experience in the region, the Living Amazon Initiative is one of such global initiatives concentrating some of WWF´s most promising and challenging efforts. This strategy summary is designed to share this innovative conservation approach with partners, authorities, and other stakeholders throughout the Amazon and beyond, and thus contribute to building a common conservation vision for the largest rainforest and river system on Earth.
Living Amazon Initiative
© Cover photo: Brent Stirton / Getty Images / WWF Enlarge

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