WWF & Mondi

Sustaining ecosystems through responsible business practices

Mondi Group and WWF are working together in a three-year strategic partnership (2014 to 2016) that focuses on promoting environmental stewardship in the packaging and paper sectors.
The work of the partnership will focus on minimising the impacts of Mondi’s operations on forests, climate and water, sharing our initiatives and encouraging sustainable practices in the industry.

The partnership aims to demonstrate that environmental stewardship and responsible business practice can, and need to go hand in hand. It also hopes to catalyse widespread positive change in the global packaging and paper sector and beyond.

Where did the partnership start?

Mondi and WWF have the benefit of a long history and a proven track record of working together in both South Africa and in Russia on the following projects:
  1. The WWF Mondi Wetlands Programme (MWP): This programme was initiated in 1991 by WWF South Africa and the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA) with the aim of supporting social change for improved wetland sustainability practices with a variety of landowners and users.  It has been catalytic in initiating wetland conservation in South Africa, by pioneering the conservation of wetlands outside protected areas and influencing national wetland policy.  
  2. Identifying and protecting the last remaining large intact forest landscapes (IFLs) in Russia: A formal agreement between Mondi and WWF Russia has been in place since 2008 when they funded work on the identification and protection of the last remaining large intact forests of Europe in the Komi/ Arkhangelsk region of Russia.  One of five “agreed” intact forests has since been registered for protection.
Mondi is also a founding member of the  New Generation Plantations Platform. This concept envisions forest plantations that maintain ecosystem integrity, protect high conservation values and are developed through effective stakeholder participation while contributing to economic growth and employment. 
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Mondi and WWF have a successful association working together on projects. This international partnership enables us to join forces on a larger scale. Sustainable development is integral to our business, and we are very pleased to be working with WWF as we continue to reduce our footprint and share responsible practices across our industry and beyond.

David Hathorn, Group CEO Mondi

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