WWF's Public Sector Partnerships in Numbers

2 Billion

Over the last twenty years, the public sector has contributed CHF 2 billion (about € 1.5 billion) to WWF's conservation priorities worldwide. Since 1990, growth in funding from the public sector has grown 7.5% on average per year.
	© Stefane Mauris/Tehani Pestalozzi
Evolution of WWF's income from the public sector since 1990.
© Stefane Mauris/Tehani Pestalozzi


Public financing makes fluctuates around 20% of WWF's total income; in 2010 (financial year), it was 17% or €88 million. Though co-financing from the public sector allows us to achieve big impacts, support from individual donors still remains our most imporant source of financing.
	© World Wide Overview 2010
Incomes from the Public Sector (under GAA - "governments and aid agencies") made up 17% of WWF's total network income in 2010 (financial year).
© World Wide Overview 2010


WWF maintains 34 partnerships with bilateral and multilateral institutions. Roughly 55 employees across the globe service these partnerships, taking care of everything from maintaining strong dialogs, to programme planning, to monitoring and reporting.

	© Tehani Pestalozzi
WWF's Public Sector Partnerships staff meet in 2010.
© Tehani Pestalozzi

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